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Kate Spade Cobble Hill Katie Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag Orange official sale online 9fX31896

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Calgary eyes hefty new fines for fire Naturally, it more grease for the squeakiest few.

Never mind that the majority of Calgarians saw no need for change, and said as much in a city wide survey supposedly kate spade travel sale measuring the public appetite for some heavy handed bylaw adjustments, including higher fines for fire pits, weeds and noise. Most citizens said no, but somehow, that still ended up as a yes and as a result, Calgary city council is being asked to approve tougher rules and more lucrative kate spade canada sale penalties in what being sold as an upgrade to the Community Standards Bylaw. City council will almost certainly comply, even though 78% of Calgarians surveyed said fire pits on residential properties are not a significant concern, 66% aren worried about weeds and long grass, 61% shrug over neighbourhood noise, and 55% aren at all irked about general upkeep of properties. If there was ever a survey telling council to just lay off and leave it alone, it this telephone poll of 501 random Calgary residents but there no democracy when it comes to bylaws, and as usual, the satisfied majority simply doesn count. pits do not appear to be a significant issue for Calgarians, reads the survey conducted by Nielsen, supposedly as a policy guide for city hall rule makers. But what the whiners want, the whiners always get. Though just two in ten Calgarians ranked fire pits as very/somewhat significant issue, the result is a new rule requiring all backyard fires to have a metal spark guard, essentially making marshmallow roasts a moot point, provided such a guard can even be found. and so forth are jumping from a minimum of $100 to $375, with the maximum penalty going from $500 to $750. Talk about a burn. And that just one example of changes a majority of Calgarians didn ask for. There are positives to the bylaw upgrade, including an anti junk mail rule that should seriously curb those despicably gruesome anti abortion flyers, but for the most part, it appears to be an exercise in increased fines to answer a question Calgary didn ask. Sadly, the one change that the Community Standards Bylaw really needs a limit on frivolous complaints isn included, and Calgary will remain one of the few cities in Canada to allow anonymous reporting of bylaw infractions, via the online 311 application. Thankfully, one city councillor says it may be time to rectify that, and Coun. Evan Woolley says kate spade like bags he will investigate. raise that issue at the next city council meeting, said Woolley, vice chair of the Community and Protective Services committee. It might be the lone positive idea in a meeting that strictly based on a few negative experiences. Noise for example. Last summer, there were 55 noise complaints centered on the Chasing Summer electronic dance music festival, but rather than deal with the one troublemaker, council is being asked to adopt a new anti bass law that could end up impacting every other rule compliant music festival in town. And of course, it a chance to up the fine for noise on private properties too, from $50 to $125 minimum, and $100 t0 $250 maximum. Increased fine revenue seems the main motivation on changes to weeds, grass and unsightly properties too, especially when the city own review on the current escalating process of warning first, fines later is working and effective. CSB Review found that while these provisions are working well, it states.

Nonetheless, the minimum fine for things like long grass is about to grow from $100 t0 $200, and the maximum is going from $300 to $400. Woolley says the goal isn to appease the cranks nearest kate spade outlet and whiners of the city, but to provide more a punitive incentive for the other side of that minority, those being the few property owners who simply don give a damn.

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