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    Kate Spade Catherine Street Wensley Deepblue official online r2c85825

Kate Spade Catherine Street Wensley Deepblue official online r2c85825

* Made of leather.
* Magnetic snap tab closure.
* Rolled elbow hold straps.
* Brand name print and spade hardware.
* Flat base with iconic bow design to provide upright structure.
* Custom woven Bookstripe interior lining.
* Interior features one back-wall z...

Calaveras faults a big danger The Bay Area fault system and the spot (red star) where the Hayward Fault branches off from the Calaveras Fault.

The white lines indicate faults recognized by the USGS. The red line is the newly discovered surface trace connecting the southern end of the Hayward Fault to the Calaveras Fault, once thought to be an independent system. The surface trace is offset by several kilometers from the deep portion of the fault 3 5 km below ground (blue line). The Bay Area fault system and the spot (red star) where the Hayward. New evidence shows clearly that traces of the long feared Hayward Fault and the recently active Calaveras Fault are closely linked underground indicating that both could rupture together in an earthquake more destructive than past forecasts have indicated, Berkeley quake scientists report. Satellite surveys of the region using advanced versions of high precision radar known as InSAR have revealed signs that the ground is creeping on the surface between the two faults, while arrays of seismometers have registered barely detectable microquakes kate spade online sale underground in the same region, according to scientists at the. The evidence raises the likelihood of larger quakes in the region than anticipated if both fault segments rupture together, they said. Past forecasts have indicated that earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.7 to 6.9 are possible on either fault, but a rupture of the two linked faults could produce a quake with magnitudes of up to 7.3, the Berkeley scientists said. That would release at least 2 times more energy than previous estimates have indicated. The new evidence was published Thursday in the journal Geophysical Review Letters by, a postdoctoral fellow at the Berkeley lab, who has used similar satellite information to monitor volcanoes in motion and California groundwater. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, noted that a similar underground link between faults was discovered in Alaska in 2002 after the major Denali earthquake. Fresh evidence showed that the Denali Fault and the distant Susitna Glacier Fault were connected, Schwartz said. He read Chaussard report and had heard her discuss it at a recent Menlo Park buy kate spade outlet meeting. is a very nice job of defining the structured connection between the Hayward and the Calaveras, Schwartz said. has raised a significant issue that calls for a lot more geological work to define that connectivity particularly more clearly along the Calaveras. text >A seismic fault length determines the size of the earthquake its kate spade white bag rupture can produce, Chaussard noted, and while the Hayward Fault runs about 43.5 miles from San Pablo Bay to its southern kate spade sale items end roughly at Fremont, the longer Calaveras extends for more than 76 miles from north of Danville to south of Hollister in the Salinas Valley. A rupture along that kind of connected fault from Richmond on the Hayward to Gilroy on the Calaveras, for example, she said, could produce a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, larger than the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, which measured a magnitude of 6.9. it would be even greater if the rupture extended south to Hollister, where the Calaveras Fault meets the San Andreas, she said. The San Andreas Fault is 800 miles long, but so far there no evidence of any connection between the two fault traces. Chaussard work uses 19 years of seismic data from two European Space Agency satellites carrying highly sensitive instruments known as InSAR, or Interferometric synthetic aperture radar, and has also used the satellite data to monitor volcanoes.

At the Geological Survey,, a research geophysicist who is a member of the survey and is familiar with Chaussard earthquake work, praised the report. made a very good connection with her evidence of surface creep between the two faults, Thatcher said, that evidence is so difficult if not impossible to observe on the ground, when you searching for it. text >Chaussard colleagues include.

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