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    Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Monday Cross Body Handbag Red discount off 988J985H
    Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Monday Cross Body Handbag Red discount off 988J985H
    Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Monday Cross Body Handbag Red discount off 988J985H

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Monday Cross Body Handbag Red discount off 988J985H

* Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches; 6.1 ounces

Cafe Society Monday at the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf in Los Feliz.

There are 22 people in line, the mob of bleary, pre caffeinated bohemians snaking out the door and onto a patio littered with newspaper and grayed with cigarette ash that appears sandblasted onto every surface. coffee shop, circa 2001. In just over a decade, coffee has been transformed from solitary morning ritual to all day group activity, with leagues of beleaguered locals downing morning eye openers, lunchtime lattes and after work blended extravaganzas. At the time, Starbucks seemed a paradigm of efficiency: The place was clean and cute, the robust coffee served in a flash. Like other cities, Los Angeles cried, hooray for Starbucks! The chain answered by opening a few more locations, then a few more they seemed to mushroom overnight, conveniently and cleverly filling a need we didn't even know we had. Now we're hooked. As of 2000, there were more than 700 Starbucks outlets in California, more than 3,500 worldwide, doing more than $2.2 billion in business. As Starbucks grows, so does our evident dependence on it and the umpteen competitors it's spawned; on one block of Ventura Boulevard, there's a Starbucks, a Peet's, a Seattle's Best Coffee and a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, all packed at peak hours. And yet with the coffeehouse boom has come what many see as an overall decline in quality. SUNDAY, STARBUCKS, VERMONT AND HOLLYWOOD There are a dozen people waiting for coffee, the place is dark and loud, the service glacial. A croissant is kate spade outlet locations canada ordered; once in hand, it's clear this is a roll in the shape of a croissant, which prompts for the umpteenth time a desire to call Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz with an offer to teach the honchos some new recipes. The half and half is gone, the coffee station a mess and the uncomfortable outdoor seating area made unbearable by corporately approved Muzak, some folk chick warbling about birds flying out of her heart, an nth degree irritation that makes one wish for jazz or punk or calliope, anything but this. and Central California, bristles at kate spade in store sale the idea of a less than perfect Starbucks, though he concedes it's sometimes a struggle to balance the "needs of the company with the needs of the customer" and that it's never tougher than during the morning rush. But the company's focus, he says, is connecting with the customers: kate spade outlet satchel "We know their names; it's all about making them feel comfortable." Why do we put up with it? Are we so starved for caffeine that we'll jostle like hogs in a pen for the privilege of paying $4 for a cup of coffee? Or is that cup merely a prop; hold it and it gives one something to do while using the coffeehouse for one's real objective. The coffeehouse is cunning, and malleable, able to supply companionship, or solitude; a place to work, or procrastinate; a center of commerce, or access to an arts community. FRIDAY, THE COFFEE BEAN TEA LEAF, BARRINGTON AND SAN VICENTE The large outdoor patio is packed with a dazzling flock of people in their 20s and 30s. Girls wear stripy sundresses and stilettos; guys sport casually mussed workout gear; all chatter on cell phones while playing looky loo with the other patrons. The line is long, but no one seems kate spade nylon tote sale to mind, as this gives them time to chat up their neighbors. Two exchanges of phone numbers are spotted, as is one woman who, when a Mercedes convertible beeps at her from the curb, runs up and leans in. Does she know the guy? "No, but I saw him online," she says, tucking his business card in her Kate Spade clutch. It's a very casual gathering spot, where it's OK to approach someone and have a conversation.

And people are acting real; they're not under the influence of alcohol. You can make up for your missed opportunities at the bar at the coffee shop.".

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